Connecting Seeeduino V3 to Arduino IDE


I am trying to connect my Seeeduino V3 to my computer through the Arduino IDE. All guides I can find are for the Seeeduino Stalker V3, and I definetly don’t have that - just the regular Seeeduino V3. I connect the Seeeduino to my Windows 10 computer through USB. I tried to upload a program without selecting a board, but it tried to upload and timed out on a few items. How can I connect the V3 properly to my computer, and upload a program? I am using the Arduino IDE as I have said previously, and uploading the wall follower program to the Seeduino connected to my Rover 5.

I don’t know which board I need to select within the IDE, also.

Any help will be much appreciated!


We maintain a wiki documentation for Seeeduino V3 in the followinglink.
There is one more wiki page for how to use seeeduino in the following link.

The board for seeeduino v3.0 is Duemilanove.

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Are you still supporting the Seeeduino v3.0 in the Arduino IDE? I’m adding per the following:

No joy on finding your boards.


Yes, we support.