Connecting NFC to Arduino UNO rev 3

Hi, I’m trying to connect the Grove NFC to the arduino NFC. When i upload the readtag example in the NDEF-examples, I get the output: “Didn’t find PN53x board”.

I did the following things:

  1. I soldered the p1 pin to the i2c
  2. I do not get what the wiki meant by cutting the connection from the uart to the p1 pin. (it seems like the p1 pin is connected without solder to the uart?) If the uart pin is connected by factory to the p1 pin, how do I cut it?
  3. Is there an library where i can use UART instead? If yes, is there an example on how to define UART in a sketch?
  4. I connected the tx/rx pins to the SCL, SDA pins on the UNO.
  5. I tried connecting the NFC board to the 3v and the 5v. Results were the same.

Am i missing something?

Any Admins have a clue?