connecting Grove sensors to Respeaker 4-mic array

Hello world,

I have a circular 4-mic respeaker array on which there are two Grove ports available.

I also have two Grove sensors

  1. an ultrasonic ranger
  2. sound detection

    I was hoping to be able to plug at least one of them into one of Respeaker Grove sockets and make them operational, however, without success.

    What library should I use ?

    Any piece of information would be helpful.



For grove-ultrasonic sensor, please plug into gpio12, NOT I2C. then follow below instructions.

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ git clone

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd

pi@raspberrypi:~/ $ sudo python install

pi@raspberrypi:~/ $ cd grove

pi@raspberrypi:~/ $ python 12

Detecting distance…

223.759947152 cm

142.985376818 cm

223.776389813 cm

5.44663133292 cm

9.18733662572 cm

16.5700912476 cm

Warning: the distance from the ultrasonic ranger is not accurate

26.7234341852 cm

223.31188465 cm

223.792832473 cm

11.107017254 cm



I have similar problem but with Grove - PIR Motion Sensor. I’ve followed the instructions above, but instead of the last tep, I did:

python 12

the result is nothing - no error, no return of any values. I’m also not sure that mini pir is correct choice since i have a regular pir motion sensor.

UPDATE: when I run ultrasonic ranger - I start to receive some output, with worning that it is incorrect. (Obviously, since I plugged motion sensor).

Best regards,


Hi there,

I tested the min pir and pir with connection to GPIO 12. both of them work. For more info, please refer to instruction from <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /”></LINK_TEXT>

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ grove_mini_pir_motion_sensor 12

Motion detected.

Motion detected.

Motion detected.

Motion detected.

Motion detected.

Motion detected.

Motion detected.

Motion detected.