Connecting Grove I2C sensor directly to ESP32 (bare wires, no Grove connector)

Hi there.
I bought ESP32C3 board (that has 3V3, 5V, GND and digital pins for SDA, SCL) and Grove Water Level 10cm sensor. I don’t have Grove board for the ESP32 board.

All the official examples show how to easy-peasy connect via Grove connector, while I’ll only have a single sensor and don’t wanna buy overhead, so wanted to connect directly.

Trying to connect directly sensor’s SDA to D4, SCL to D5, VCC to 3V3 and GND to GND… I’m getting such error:

[E][i2c.arduino:191]: Recovery failed: SCL is held LOW on the I2C bus

It occurs within setup() method, in the wire.begin(); line (using Wire.h library)

Actually, same error happens when SDA, SCL and GND (without VCC) are only connected.

I’ve read about pullup resistors, but as far as I understood, they should be built-in either into ESP32 board or into I2C sensor.

What can be wrong? Or do I have to have external physical resistor or buy a Grove board (I assume it has resistors in its wiring)?