Connecting Grove Heart rate sensor to Linkit assist 2502


I want use the grove heart rate sensor(works on 5V ) with linkit assist 2502.

I can use it with using Xadow Grove adopter(works on 3.3 V) (coverts grove interface to xadow interface).

“You need to connect Grove module to I2C interface of Xadow Grove Adaptor when communication mode of Grove module is I2C. Now the sever of Xadow Grove Adaptor is delivering signal to Xadow I2C bus without ADC” copied from xadow grove adopter wiki page.

from above study i am planning to connect ‘grove heart rate sensor’ directly to linkit assist I2C pins. shown in below figure 1.

I2C pins are on 22-pin female connector of Linkit assist board. these are works on 2.8V.

Now can I connect Grove heart rate sensor to I2C pins of linkit assist board with custom cable ?