Connecting and using multiple Grove - Mech Keycaps


I was wondering if it was possible to use Grove - Mech Keycaps in adjacent ports on the Grove - Arduino Base Shield V2, i.e. D2 and D3?



Hi Mike,

the Grove-Mech Keycaps needs 2 pins, one for button and one for pixel. the D2 port includes D2/D3 and D3 port includes D3/D4. So please use D2 and D4 port. thanks.

#define BUTTON_PIN 2 // Digital IO pin connected to the button. This will be

// driven with a pull-up resistor so the switch should

// pull the pin to ground momentarily. On a high -> low

// transition the button press logic will execute.

#define PIXEL_PIN 3 // Digital IO pin connected to the NeoPixels.