Connecting and Running a DFPlayer Mini on a Seeeduino XIAO

Hi, totally new to the Seeeduino XIAO board and was hoping to connect a DFPlayer Mini but using the code I normally use for Arduino I get this error - no matching function for call to ‘mp3_set_serial(Serial_&)’

This is required by the DFPLayer Mini Library to run and work correctly, I have tried Serial1 and that doesn’t work either.

Thanks in advance for any help

Please provide a link to the code.

Hi Baozhu, here is the example code from th DFPLayer Library which has the same line that won’t compile or upload.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <DFPlayer_Mini_Mp3.h>

void setup () {
	Serial.begin (9600);
	mp3_set_serial (Serial);	//set Serial for DFPlayer-mini mp3 module 
	mp3_set_volume (15);

void loop () {        
	mp3_play (1);
	delay (6000);
	mp3_next ();
	delay (6000);
	mp3_prev ();
	delay (6000);
	mp3_play (4);
	delay (6000);

   mp3_play ();		//start play
   mp3_play (5);	//play "mp3/0005.mp3"
   mp3_next ();		//play next 
   mp3_prev ();		//play previous
   mp3_set_volume (uint16_t volume);	//0~30
   mp3_set_EQ ();	//0~5
   mp3_pause ();
   mp3_stop ();
   void mp3_get_state (); 	//send get state command
   void mp3_get_volume (); 
   void mp3_get_u_sum (); 
   void mp3_get_tf_sum (); 
   void mp3_get_flash_sum (); 
   void mp3_get_tf_current (); 
   void mp3_get_u_current (); 
   void mp3_get_flash_current (); 
   void mp3_single_loop (boolean state);	//set single loop 
   void mp3_DAC (boolean state); 
   void mp3_random_play (); 

Many thanks


You’ll need to use the new software, or ask DFRobot.

Many thanks, will download and give it a try.

Regards Philip Edwards