Connect Wiolink to AWS

I just got this working and thought I would share. I don’t really know node.js very well so if you think you can do better, you’re probably right.

I picked up the environment kit wiolink bundle and am planning on using it to control my house humidifier, and maybe eventually the thermostat itself. I work in AWS a lot at work and have an Echo so I wanted to do this all in AWS, and get integration going with the echo to control it.

This script pulls my wiolink access token from dynamoDB(aka nosql), does the https calls to pull in the metrics I need, and then saves them back to dynamodb for further use, and to cloudwatch because who doesn’t like graphs, and because I can also attach alarms to the values. (email if house gets too warm/cold/etc)

Since this is my first post it won’t let me post an offsite link (or attach code), but the script is on github under abnormalend/wiolink

That would be really awesome!

Echo + a lot of Wio Link = Voice-Control Smart Home :slight_smile: