Connect two Arduino Mega 2560 + SeeedBLEShields

I have been trying to connect and send messages between two BLE Shields from SeeedStudio to each other using the code from the Seeed Studio wiki- However, I have not been able to perform this. What am I doing wrong here? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The main board we used is Arduino UNO, and we use D2 and D3 as the software serial pins, but if using Mega with BLE shield, D2 and D3 can’t be regarded as the software serial pins. See , so maybe you can use 10 and 11 as the software serial pins, meantime, you need two jumper wires to connect BLE_TX (BLE_RX) to D10 (D11). At the same time, the code need to be modified:

By the way, Arduino UNO has something differences with Mega, you can refer to to search more information. Good luck.

Good Day, I have an issue, I need to communicate from one BLE Shield to another using BLE protocol stack and currently the code on the wiki seems to be fine-tuned for just rf communications. Is there a way to communicate from one BLEShield to another using the BLE protocol.