Connect the battery holder to what? Which pins?


I received a Grove starter kit and I was wondering how to connect the battery pack. There do not seem to be pins that can connect to it.

Any suggestions?

Dear customer,

Our Stalker have 2.54mm connector so you need to now if your battery with 2mm connector that can not compatible then you need to use JST 2.54mm to 2.0mm Converter Pack at … th=178_179
can connect each other.

Thanks for support.
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I have an Arduino Uno and I was wondering if I could use this battery holder with that. It does not seem to be does it?

I’m wondering why there isn’t any guideline in the Grove Starter Package? I think overall that is pretty bad.


We are apologize to you.At first, we just design the battery for our seeeduino board that ignore DC jack for Arduino. So that is our big mistake.

Next we will change our jack to DC type in Grove Starter Package and add a new DC jack to JST 2pin Converter at … th=178_181 . Then both of JST or DC jack all can connect.

We sorry for your inconvenience, we suggest that you can cut the line and soldered directly on Arduino positive and negative with battery.


No need to apologize, I just wanted to know because i’m new to this :slight_smile: Soldering is not my greatest passion (not yet).

Thanks for your quick reply.