Connect Stalker v1 using UARTSBee 4.0 (6 pin)

I’m trying to connect to a Stalker (v1, 328p) using the UARTSBee version 4 (the one with 6 pins). Is this even possible?

What is the pin sequence for the Stalker’s serial port. I cannot find this in the schematics. In the attached picture, the Stalker’s port is shown on the left. From top to bottom, what are the pins?

It looks as though the extra pin on the UARTSBee is the CTS pin. If I make a cable to connect up the two, ignoring the CTS pin, will this work?

I got it working by soldering pins to the 5 holes directly behind the 6pin output. This can then be stuck directly on to the Stalker’s input.