connect ReSpeaker to a sound system


I know nothing about this type of technology, but I ordered the ReSpeaker 2-MiCS Pi Hat cause I read I could plug it to my old style sound system and connect it on my WIFI…

Is this true? I just received it and it looks like a little nothing for me. Any leads on how to do this?

thank you!

Hi there,

The respeaker 2 mic pi hat can not connect to your audio system directly. it works with raspberry pi. You can read for detail info.

by the way, what is the old style audio system audio input interfaces? is it 3.5mm audio port? if yes, you can run command arecord and aplay at the same time on raspberry pi side. then you can connect the 2 mics pi hat audio port to your old audio system. but there will be some delay. thanks.