Confusing Websites

There are currently two websites:


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    This is very confusing. Are they both legit?

    When I tried to use the 40% off coupon ($20 off for any order over $50) on, some products were available but raised the error Quantity exceeds our inventory when adding them to the cart.

    I reached the customer service, but its answer came too late to benefit from the coupon.

    Products: Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit and Particle Argon IoT Development Board (Wifi+Mesh+Bluetooth)

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    Hi reivilo,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Both sites are the legit websites of Seeed. The io one is mainly for promotion and we’d suggest you place the order at

    As to the coupon, it’s already expired that’s why you couldn’t use it. And since it’s our belated response that made it impossible for you to use the coupon in time, our tech support team will email you directly & give you an extra coupon.

    Thank you for your feedback. And please feel free to let us know if you have any other inputs. Thank you & have a happy week ahead!