Conflict: IR Sensor and File System

Hi. I have the sample code for the MLX90641 IR Sensor running fine. If I try to add the file system to that code, It stops working. Stops displaying the field. The data can still get pumped to the serial window, but the field doesnt draw or refresh. All I need to do is add #include <Seeed_FS.h> and it will fail. I don’t initialize anything or use anything.

I suspect there must be some variable conflict… I tried renaming ones that could have been defined globally elsewhere (like “status”) but that didnt seem to help. Any ideas?

Original code is from here:

You also need to post your own code, otherwise we can’t help you

Thanks for writing. There is no other code. If I copy/paste the example from the seeedstudio wiki, as included in the original code link up top, and simply add #include <Seeed_FS.h> at the top, we get the problem. No original code or deviation from the sample at all.

Do you mean that after adding the file “#include <Seeed_FS.h>” to the code of the wiki page, the serial port will output data only once instead of continuously refreshing?

Once I include the “#include <Seeed_FS.h>” the part of the code that displays the temperature gradients mapped to colors no longer displays. The Serial Monitor still gets any of the Serial.println statements that I have in there for debug. There is just something in the display that doesn’t work. There is text that still writes to the display, and the legend, drawn to the right, is still there. I think there is something in the code where the variables are being overwritten or used for different things, but I can’t be sure.

I suppose I should have mentioned that it is running on a WioTerminal

Hi because I don’t have “Grove - thermal imaging camera” here, I need to help you look at the problem from the code. Can you tell me where your “Seeed_FS.h” file is downloaded from? Or provide it to me directly

Thank you … sure… everything in my sample comes from the Seeed Wiki…
FS page with instructions:
FS repo:
Base code is “Software Code 2” on the sensor page: h t t p s : / / wiki.seeedstudio.c o m /Grove-Thermal-Imaging-Camera-IR-Array/

The stuff in Setup works… it draws the legend, and the piece of text at the top of the screen that shows the temperature at the crosshairs works… but once you get into Loop… it is like all of the “Display.” calls are failing, and the “tft.” ones are working… tft is the TFT_espi object, and Display is the eSprite object. I would think if there were something in the naming clashes, there would be a compile error. Again, this is SeeedStudio code… I have added nothing to this example. Thanks again for the help.

Hi Ejog

Please take the sreenshot what error on the IDE, and make sure you just add the library on the top without other changed, that will be better to help you.

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Hi, thanks for the help. There is no error on compile. I’ll show the code with the include included and the compile results, and then the display before and after.

Display before file system include…
[ugh… I can only do one file per post… stay tune for display before post and display after post.

Display before file system include…

Display after file system include…

Bump. Has any else seen problems in TFT or DISPLAY objects from other libraries?