Configuration problems Seeeduino Stalker 2.0 / XBEE Series 2

Hello all,

i´ve a problem with my seeeduino stalker v2.0 and XBEE Series2 Modules.

What i like to do, see (netstructure.png)netstructure.png

My problem is, if i configure xbee explorer as coordinator (coordinator_config.png)coordinator_config.png
and one stalker as an enddevice (enddevice_config.png)enddevice_config.png
i only can receive data from enddevice. data send from coordinator to enddevice don´t receive at enddevice.

XBEE Explorer is direct connected via USB / Stalker connected via FTDI Breakout reloaded 1.1

Question1: can anyone check my config or post a working ?
Question2: is this right, that i only configure each device once and then use the arduino Serial to communicate ? (at Stalker, i use pin 0 / 1)

thanx for all help


Hi there,

Obviously you just only use serial 1/0 port.

Need to remind you if the I/O port use to send message that would not to use by receive.
So you should via another soft serial port to use receive message.

That could solve your problem.

Best regards,