Conficker worm on new DSO Quad!

So I got my DSO Quad, and tested it out. Worked great.

However, when I connected it to my PC to copy the .BMP template files to it, Microsoft Security Essentials immediately popped up a warning, it said that there was an autorun.inf file on e:\ (the DSO Quad) that would launch the Conficker worm.

I used MSE to clean it up, and everything was fine.

Howevever, it was a bit alarming!

I got my DSO Quad today and my MS Security Essentials also told me, that the device is infected with the conficker virus.
It seems as if the devices are still delivered with a virus on it.

Take care!

Is anybody from the seeedstudio team reading what the users write in this forum?


Sorry for inconvenience brought.
We also find this issue and take action to prevent similar issue happen again.
You can format the H:disk to remove virus while connectting DSO quad with PC.