Compute Unit (CPU or microcontroller) combinded with LoRa transceiver and Camera

Within the Seeed family of products, what are compatible and combinable modules for computing and module access, LoRa transceiver, and Camera? Am developing open-access applications in precision agriculture and am exploring ways to remotely retrieve sensor data. Cameras provide a complex data structure with which to experiment. Have tried the Arduino line but cannot find combinable units, even with Mega. Does Seeed offer such compatible/combinable modules?

Perhaps get more documented first about Lora as it’s not designed to transmit images/videos from a camera !

LoRa is designed to transmit messages of 256 bytes. There is no reason at all that such messages cannot contain components of an image. Have already demonstrated that. What is needed is an integration of processing element, LoRa, and camera. The barrier I face is the lack of such an integration of modules.

We have an example of Wio terminal connecting the Grove module of lora and camera.

I hope this is helpful!

Thank you very much for this response. The linked page does show it is possible. I had no problem following the steps. Please correct me if my interpretation is in error in the following:

What is shown indicates that the Wio Terminal is required in order for the Wio-E5 LoRa module and Vision AI module to work together. (From one of the figures, certain wires are also required but that is not given in “Materials Required”.) The terminal acts as the “processing unit” while hosting a display? Does Seeed offer a “terminal” that does not contain a display? This would save on energy use for remote applications. Are the APIs for LoRa and camera access documented?

Mention is made of LoRaWAN. Part of my goal is to eliminate the complexity and expense of LoRaWAN via flood-messaging. Working with a team of professors in Australia, we have already demonstrated that this is possible. Our demonstration involves sensors that produce a single data value. What is wanted now is to demonstrate sensors that produce complex data structures. Cameras are an example of such sensors. From that perspective, it is only required to broadcast LoRa messages. What has held the project back is the lack of compatible well-documented modules for processing, picture taking, and LoRa message broadcast.