Compilation error arduino uno Grove - I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG)

I’m trying the exemple file to run a single 3V dc motor with an Arduino Uno and without a Base Shield.
I’m getting a Compilation error arduino uno for the board every time I try to compile it.
I tried Serial.begin(115200)(The correct Baud rate for my computer) and Serial.begin(9600).
I also tride to conect the Vcc of the driver to the arduino board and to an external power input, and none of them worked.
Is there anything else that might be wrong?

No connections, good or bad, would cause a compilation error.

Did you put the Serial.begin statement inside your setup() function?

Try a simple sketch that only prints a message. If that works, than add the Good Stuff and see if it still miscompiles.

If this doesn’t help, if you can post your sketch maybe someone can try to get to the bottom of things.



everything as I can see it is fine.
blink" exemple works just fine as well"

I’m guessing that you are trying to run downloaded example code but you did not install the library. The error messages have nothing to do with Serial.begin()

Anyhow, here’s how I did it:

From the Arduino menu invoke the Library Manager

Select Sketch->Include Library->Manage libraries

Once the Library Manager opens, search for Grove Motor Driver

It will show Grove - Motor Driver TB6612FNG

Click Install

Then exit the Arduino IDE and get back into it. That makes the library examples show up.

From the Arduino menu
Select Examples->Examples from Custom Libraries->Grove - Motor Driver TB6612FNG → dc_motor

Now it should compile.

It works for me. (Board is “Arduino UNO” Arduino version 1.8.19 on Windows 10)



Thank you very much.
It worked after I deleted all the arduino files