Compatible GROVE sensors with photon.


I’m just starting with my first IoT project. I have chosen GROVE as sensor platform and now I have some doubts.

I decided to use Particle Photon as controller, a Particle Power Shield and a Photon Base Shield.

I will connect some GROVE sensors and I will collect data readings from the sensors. My plan is to represent data with some graphs.

I don’t know if the sensors will be compatible with Photon. The list of parts is:

.- GROVE - Temp & Hum. Sensor.

.- GROVE - Sunlight. Sensor.

.- GROVE - Moisture. Sensor.

.- GROVE - Temperature. 1.2 Sensor.

.- GROVE - Relay. Actuador.

.- GROVE - Wrapper

.- GROVE - Screw Terminal

.- Grove - Switch§

I have another doubt: I’m thinking about to use a sensor that is not GROVE.

.- Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor. Adafruit.

¿Please could anyone tell me if I can connect that sensor to the Photon Base Shield and how?

Thanks a lot. Regards¡

Dear Customer

The theory is all supported, but the software part needs to be completed by yourself. You can refer to the following information.

1.<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2179.html”></LINK_TEXT>,2.<LINK_TEXT text=“ … datasheet/”></LINK_TEXT> 3.<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 20V3.0.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>


thanks for your response. I will read everything.

¿Any documentation or link to know how to connect a sensor that is not GROVE to a GROVE interface and read the data?

Thanks again. Regards.

Dear Customer

The screen print layer of each module has the corresponding logo. You may choose the corresponding communication mode according to the corresponding interface, and use DuPont line link, you can check this link: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /#hardware”></LINK_TEXT>