Compatibility of SeeedStudio SD Shield V4 with Arduino DUE

Hi, all,

I have a SeeedStudio SD Shield V4 which is working perfectly with my Uno V3 board. Now I need to purchase an Arduino board with more Digital outpins (at least >20) and with a large SRAM (e.g. >16 kB). I think Arduino DUE is a good choice. Could anyone let me know if the SD Shield is compatible with the DUE board?

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

Arduino DUE can only tolerate IO voltage upto 3.3V.As per the spec of SD Card Shield V4 requires 3.5v as minimum voltage.
So SD card is not compatible with Arduino DUE.

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Hi, Kavi,

I have managed to make it work with DUE. I removed pin 4 from the shield and connect a jumper wire to pin 52. In the code, change chipSelect = 4 to chipSelect = 52. Then you will be able to write/read your SD card.

The only thing is that, as Kaxi mentioned, arduino Uno has an operation voltage of 5 V, while for Due it is 3.3 V. I am not sure how it will affect the operation.

Hope this can help.