Compatibility 3-Axis Compass module v1.0b and SeeeduinoV3.0

Please help make the right choice. I want to purchase 3-Axis Compass module v1.0b SKU SEN12753P and Seeeduino V3.0 (Atmega 328P) SKU ARD128D2P.

The first question is - do I need any additional cables and boards to connect these devices?

The second question - whether enough of the program is a compass, which is located at … pass_v1.0b (code in file, so that I could see on my PC work a compass as shown on the same page?


Dear customer,

  1. Yes, you should use Base shield via Grove wire to connect with Seeeduino. … th=132_134
    Or you also can connect jumper wire by yourself to use softserial I/O port with compass.

2.Yes,follow WIKI you can do that.