compatability issues with rgb matrix and rainbowduino

I have connected the 60mm square 8*8 LED Matrix - super bright RGB and the rainbowduino led driver together and with the rainbowduino being on either host or usb when connected to the computer via usb or with a 9V power supply plugged in. The led matrix makes a red dot in the middle blinking and when trying to upload the firmware from the computer with arduino uno connected to the rainbowduino an error message on the arduino software comes up saying the command for rainbowduino is not found. So is it that the led matrix board and the rainbowduino led driver are incompatible or am I doing something wrong? Let me know if you need more info.

Hi , could you show links about those two products. sorry…i’m not very understand clearly…

Hi, what is the version of your Rainbowduino ? If it is Rainbowduino V3.0 , you needn’t to use Arduino Uno , you could directly program it by connecting it to your computer with a USB cable. For more details , see