Communications more arduino's device to computer

good day. I have developed a device using arduino uno. this device consists of several sensors. gives the values ​​of the sensors to the computer. I’ve done it but for a single device, multiple devices to a computer that will use and how to take data from all the devices you need to install a communications network which need to use auxiliary equipment. max 100 and 300 meters between devices may be computers. I want to find solutions to the wired and wireless. I would be glad if you help. good work.

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100 meters if you use wire could be very expensive.
If your signal allow that you can use RF module to send the signal, what if you tell me more detail about your project, that could be more helpful.

Search RF at our website, lot of module you can choose.

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Yuri Q

For wired connection you can use Ethernet Shield with PoE Module.
You can use standard ethernet equipment (cable $20, PoE switch $60) for communication and power.

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Glad you finally can solve your problem.
What if you can show your project here, attach some photo to us, more guys would love to.

Let’s enjoy your successful project and congratulation.

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I thk all of you. I find some solutions about communications. and take some photos of my project.

can I use Usb Port for wired communication?
like that:

Yes, but max cable lenght is 5m (~16ft).

oke thanks.