Communication between XIAO nRF52840 (Sense) & XIAO ESP32C3

I have tried to get variables from my XIAO Sense to my ESP32C3 but can’t find a communication protocol to do so successfully. I have tried various SPI, I2C, and UART codes and so far, the best-case scenario is reading ones and zeros. Does anyone know how to pass doubles and integers from the XIAO Sense to the XIAO ESP32C3?

Do you send data via BLE or via wire?

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Wire. I have also tried BLE but without success.

It is common to transfer data in byte units.
Your problem is that you don’t know how to convert double or integer data to bytes, transfer it, and then convert it again to doubule or integer at the receiving end? Or is that you can’t find the library that transfers data over I2C or SPI? Or is it that you don’t know how to transfer data over BLE(from XIAO nrf52840 to XIAO ESP32C3)?
Please be specific about your problem. Someone may be able to give you helpful advice.

Hi Carlos_Hernandez,
This is a sample sketch of sending double and integer data from XIAO_nRF52 to XIAO_ESP32C3 using I2C.
Connect SCL, SDA, and GND, pull-up resistors are required for SCL and SDA.
I2C_nRF52_to (1.3 KB)