communication between two arduinos via NFC


I’d like to communicate between two arduinos via NFC (using the NFC Shield v2.1 by Seeed Studio).
I tried several examples but haven’t been successful yet.
Does anybody have experiences with that problem. Does enybody know examples to point me in the right direction?
I’ now searching for two weeeks in the internet but didn’t find any useful hints. Soon i’ll get mad!!!

I have programmed communication between adroid smartphones and Arduino via NFC, communication between android devices via NFC, card reader and writer for Arduino and smartphons… that all is a piece of cake, but couldn’t get communication between two damned Arduinos vie NFC.

Please help!


Sorry for the delayed reply

NFC shields support P2P communication, but our library doesn’t support.
You need to develop it yourself. One hint:

nfc passive
android active

shield <—> shield
active passive