communication between android and bluetooth bee Help


i have bluetooth bee module and i made the communication between bluetooth bee and android using android application blueterm and sscom tool.

my question is…

is it possible to send a file or image from android phone to bluetooth bee without using any android application?. i mean sending a file(for example jpeg,pdf,mp3 etc)like one android(or any)phone to other android(or any)phone but not using any application.

hey , the bluetooth bee can transmit pictures and files, but you need modify your code and know how to actualize this function.We don’t use it yet.

Hi Jacket Chen

Thank u

yes, you are right for sending picture and files it required code modifcation.

my question
1.> Is blueterm or any android application necessary for communication between android and bluetooth bee?
2.> Is it possible to send a text file from android to bluetooth bee? however it is receieved as hex or text in sscom.


Hey , SD Card might be necessary , and while transmitting data you might need decode and recode , and this is the bottom program of bluetooth , i am not very clear.