Communicate between 2 XBees

Hi all. My name is Emi.I had recently bought 2 Xbees S2, an Seeeduino Stalker v2.0, and a UARTUSB v3.1. For my 1st test i wanted to turn on and off the seeeduino stalker’s led, with the commands from PC (if i send character H turn the led on, and if the character is L turn the led off.There is a sketch named :“Physical Pixel” for this example). I connected the Xbee End Device in the seeeduino stalker’s socket, and did the same thing with the Xbee coordinator inserted in the UART socket. I tried to configure the xbees with X-ctu, but nothing is happening, i mean there is no communication between this xbee nodes. The Stalker has an external battery, has enough current to maintain the board and light up a simple led. I uploaded this skectch (Physical Pixel). I read the Xbee datasheet ( a book with 120 pages) to see how to configure the xbees, but still no good result.Can someone help me, that knows good enough how to configure the Xbee coordinator and Xbee End device with X-ctu. I will be very thankful. All suggestions are welcome.
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Hi again people. I beg a moderator to delete this topic because the problem with communicating between 2 xbees has been solved.Toked me a lot of days, reading documents and watching a lot of tutorials. Thanks anyway for all who just watched the topic, and didn’t answer.

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