Combine Shipping multiple Fusion PCB orders

Great quality and service with my past orders.

I was wondering if it is possible to make 2 or more PCB orders (the same day) and have the orders shipped as 1 package.
The reason I ask is to save money on the shipping.

The price for making the PCBs is great, but shipping costs quickly add up to a lot of wasted development costs.

Hello Alain,

Thanks for your message and we’re grateful for your praise. I hope we can continue to serve you well.

As for combining orders, we can do this for you but please make sure you get in touch with the customer service ( quick with your order numbers so we don’t miss a package.

Hope that helps,

Carmen Zheng

Thanks for the quick reply Carmen Zheng.
And I would also like to thank you for your assistance in sorting out the issue with the files I had initially uploaded for my last panelized order. They should arrive sometime next week.

My question was not clear, sorry.

I will ask my question differently:
If I was to order 2 or more PCBs for manufacture (in the same cart), can the different PCB orders be combined into 1 shipment?
If the shipments can be combined how many orders (different PCBs) can be added in a combined shipment?

If I was going to order 1 set of 10 PCBs and an other set of 10 PCBs in the same cart, would both orders be shipped in the same shipment?
That way I would only be paying for 1 shipment versus 2 shipments, obviously slightly more expensive due to difference in weight, but still a lot cheaper than 2 separate shipments.

Hi Alain,

I understand now, yes, everything in the cart will be combined into one shipment if checked out together. So you could have 1 order, 3 orders or even 10 or more shipped together, and you can have different types of orders in the same package, e.g. PCB, PCBA, 3D printing etc.

We definitely advise combining orders in the same package to save on shipping fees, the only exception would be if you were trying to avoid customs fees but that depends on your specific country’s regulations.

Let us know if there is anything else,

Carmen Zheng

Thank you Carmen,

You have given me the answer I was looking for.
I will look into the customs fees, I did not think of that.

Stay safe and healthy.