Combine Music Shield + Bluetooth Shield + (Maybe) USBDroid

Hi Folks, I want to make a mini-player which presents a USB interface which connects a file system (ie., the SD card on either the Music Shield or the USBDroid) in a straightforward way such that, for example, a car stereo with USB memory stick support will be able to read the music off it to playback AND is capable of pairing with a (specific, predefined and prenamed) Bluetooth headset and streaming Audio to the headset.

I think I will need to add an LCD module to my list, of course I will be adding buttons too.

Please forgive me if obvious answers to my following questions are within search/click range of me here - I’ve done some searching and reading but found nothing to make me very sure either way.

Does anybody know as a certainty that it is possible using the Music Shield ( … th=132_134 ) ?

(Alternatively: Is anybody convinced that streaming audio via Bluetooth is unlikely due limitations of either the Music Shield or Bluetooth Shield ?)

Can/would anybody advise a different choice for the base of this project than the USBDroid ?

hey, maybe it is a demo that you can control music shield via BT shield.

Of course , you can use music shield with BT shield.

Thanks Jack, I hope you don’t mind if I call you Jack :slight_smile:

I understand I can use the Music Shield with the Bluetooth Shield, that is not the problem.

The problem is: Will it be able to pair & connect using HFP (or maybe even A2DP) to a headset and stream audio to it?

The wiki indicates that the Bluetooth Shield has the SPP firmware installed. I fear this means that, without intervention I do not (yet) know how to apply, it is not able to pair/connect with Hands Free Protocol device like a headset.

I keep reading, maybe I have to get a Bluetooth module like Bluegiga or MicroChip and connect it directly myself with less good support and OS library and community help.

If anybody can offer any advice as to the least uphill and most supported path I can take I will be very grateful to read it :slight_smile: