Colourduino not getting standby colours

Hey there, I’ve been looking off and on for the past two weeks at why I couldn’t get the right output from my rainbowduino, I’ve tried two different LED, the first one displays 3 red lines

and the second shows a thick red line with a hint of green in the center

So: it’s a duemilenove (I’ve tested without the ethernet board) and all its running is a program to blink LED 13, which it does.

It’s attatched to a rainbowduino 1.11 via

TX    - TXD
RX    - RXD
5V    - VCC

The switch on the rainbowduino is towards the green plug bit (I’ve tried both sides though), and I think that’s the only thing that could be a variable. I’m a pretty competent C programmer, but the electronics behind all this just baffle me sometimes.


Don’t use the program interface to power the Rainbow , more than 6V for power interface to do this.