Color lines showing up when running on battery

Hey there,

Wanted to check if anyone else is having any issue like this. I have a XIAO ESP32-S3 sense module. I’m using the OV2650 camera included with the module. While I’m having some stability issues I mostly get a good image when the device is running powered through the USB-C port. But as soon as I move to the batteries (two 10440 in parallel) I start getting some horizontal full-colored lines only when streaming. Captures are 100% OK.

I’m struggling to understand if it’s undervoltage, noise, or what. The module is not “just” running on it’s own, there’s another ciruict that’s being fed from the same line that can be adding noise (it has a motor and when the motor is running it gets worse) but then it doesn’t explain why it happens only when in streaming mode. Additionally to that I’ve observed that when the batteries are close to fully charged the situation gets much better (even disappears).

I’ve added a 100uF capacitor close to the module but made literally no change at all. So I guess I’m leaning towards undervoltage. What do you think?

  • Is it more likely to be undervoltage or noise?
  • If undervoltage:
    • What could be considered a voltage where the camera “won’t ever fail” so I can just block my app otherwise?
    • How can I measure the voltage? Not sure what’s the charging IC inside the module but do we know if it reports voltage to any of the ADCs? if so which one?
  • If noise:
    • Why the capacitor may not be helping at all?
    • Why this isn’t a problem when capturing a still?

Again, I’m running the esp-camera example as is (some small modifications to enable mDNS but that’s it), XIAO ESP32-S3 sense module with the stock camera…

Thanks all!

Hi there,
Looks like too much voltage what’s the VDD? Measure with the USB plugged in and then with your battery pack. Lets see the batteries?
GL :slight_smile: PJ
what resolution is selected and what happens if you go with allot more light?

Could be too much charge current for those batteries , that is to say when they are full the required charge current from Xiao on-board is low , no issue’s… Well the answer is simple use a USB battery pack and ditch the battery unless you can dial in the size vs, charge current vs. BMS
GL :slight_smile: PJ
I’m using one 18650 and it works perfectly. 3.7.v @ 2200mAH

Hi @Piscu2024
Just asking: When did you purchase it?

Apr 4th on amazon (link:
let me know if there’s any batch number you could need. thanks

Thanks PJ I can’t see an overvoltage when hooking the oscilloscope, checking 3.3V seems like it’s a bit more unstable than what I expected tho.

the LDO is inside the module so I can’t get the spec for it, but I wonder how sensitive it is to input changes.