Coffee Roaster - Gas Control Project - Seeking Guidance/Advice


So I’m going to start out by saying that I am no programmer, and I won’t be doing this all myself, I will most likely have to hire someone, but this isn’t a search for that. Right now I’m in search of acquiring the proper hardware to successfully complete this project.

I run a small coffee roasting business, using an LP powered gas roaster. In order to achieve really good results with roasting, gas control is extremely important. So what I’m looking to do is install an electronic proportioning valve so I can precisely control my gas flow to very specific pressures. Having this control will give me repeatability that is necessary for consistent coffee roasts. I do use a logging software, but I want this to be aside from that. Often times the software gets updated and software control gets broken and then things don’t work. Having this be a stand alone controller will help future proof things a bit.

The Project

What I’m looking to accomplish is to create small device with a touch screen that I can send commands, in 5% increments, to an electronic proportioning valve to make gas pressure adjustments for me. I have further plans, but the time being this will be it.

With the help of a former mechanical engineer I have settled on the appropriate EVP valve.
Clippard EVP Valve - This valve is PWM controlled, the company also sells a driver board which I will purchase, but I still need to send signals, and I’m not sure what the best platform for this is, Arduino, Beaglebones, RaspberryPi, some other option?

In addition to the EVP, I’m going to need a calibratable pressure sensor to send feedback to the controller (Arduino…etc) to ensure the adjustments are accurate based on the maximum pressure from the regulator.

I don’t foresee this being too difficult, but in order to acquire the proper hardware I need some guidance and I’m hopeful this community of intelligent people will help me out.

Thank you in advance, and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these trying times.