coding sample for grove gsr on seeduino/arduino yun

Hi, my grove pi is on seeeduion cloud/arduno yun , could anyone share the codes to me? I meant transfer this code from arduino uno to seeduino cloud/arduino yun:



or those codes can be running both on arudino uno and seeeduino/arduino yun ?


The code can run on both platforms. thanks.

The following works on my arduino yun/seeeduino cloud, the previous one didn’t …but I didn’t see any plots ? any advice would be appreciated.

#include <Console.h>

const int GSR=A0;

int sensorValue=0;

int gsr_average=0;

void setup(){



while (!Console){

; // wait for Console port to connect.


Console.println(“You’re connected to the Console!!!”);

// initialize the LED pin as an output:

pinMode(GSR, INPUT);


void loop(){

long sum=0;

for(int i=0;i<10;i++) //Average the 10 measurements to remove the glitch



sum += sensorValue;



gsr_average = sum/10;




please click the tool–>serial plotter to view the plot. thanks.

have you got example for uploading those data to a cloud database for further analysis ? any cloud example(ibm , aws, azure …)

Hi there,

Please refer to <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ome-ab15ed”></LINK_TEXT> for the azure example.thanks.

There’s no grove gsr sensor on the above link, we have been getting stuck on how to upload grove gsr signal to database on the cloud, any solution would be appreciated.