Codec-Adaptive Wireless Relay

Love your work at Seeedstudio and the selection in your online store, only thing I ask for is a bit more comprehensive documentation for the products.

Regarding the Codec-Adaptive Wireless Relay ( … p-550.html), I’d be really interested in a more detailed specification on what it does.
I am trying to program the relay using a RF transmitter I have, but I am not sure what the pairing instructions really mean:

Does this mean I should press the button (which happens to be black on my relay board, btw) while applying power, or afterwards?
And should I keep pressing the button after the LED is lit (one of the three LEDs light up immediately when pressing the button, I assume that is the LED to monitor?)

I’ve then pressed the transmit button on the RF remote I have, but nothing happens. Might be because they don’t know how to talk to each other, but might also be because the relay board is not in “learning mode”.

I can of course get the 315Mhz Wireless car key fob ( … ml?cPath=2), but I’d really like a remote with more than 4 channels.
To achieve this some more docs could be really useful - is this available?

Many thanks,

I have the same problem…

Any ideas about it?


Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion documentation. You may refer to this:

  1. Power up

  2. Press the button(yes,it’s black :wink: ), then release it

  3. Keep pressing any one button on the RF remote, you will see LED blink then off, then release the button.

  4. Now you can use the button pressed in the previous step to remotely control the relay.

5.To cancle all paired info, you need to keep pressing the button when power up till the led off.

May it helpful to you, and please feel free to ask any quesion.

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I bought 4 units of Codec-Adaptive Wireless Relay.

I bought a 433MHZ common control, the wireless relay works, but only works when I press the close control of the antenna… All four have the same behavior.

I’d like this to work at a distance of 5 or 10 meters… Is it possible?!

Would I need to buy control of Seeedstudio?