Code in arduino IDE for Brushed motor connected with Mini Motor driver V1

i have a problem with connection my motor to an seeduino XIAO ESP32C3 through the mini motor driver v1.0.
Normally when i am connecting it directly to the seeduino xiao or expansion board motors are working well, but when i am trying to connect them with mini motor driver, there is no reaction.

Could you explain me how to solve the problem?
Maybe i need to use some ready libraries.
Below is the photo how i connect the motor

That is my simple code

Double-check the wiring between the Mini Motor Driver and your motor. Ensure that all connections are secure and correct. Pay attention to the motor power supply, ground, and signal connections. Confirm that the Mini Motor Driver is receiving the appropriate power supply. Check the voltage requirements of both the motor and the motor driver, and ensure they match. If you’re using Arduino IDE, make sure you have the necessary libraries installed for your Seeeduino XIAO ESP32C3 and the Mini Motor Driver. Check the Seeed Studio GitHub repository or other relevant sources for the appropriate libraries. Review the documentation for the Mini Motor Driver library to understand how to initialize and control the motor using the driver. This information should guide you on how to use the library functions to control the motor.

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