Clarify diff bwtn Seeeduino ADK Main Bd and v3.0 (AtMega328)

Please clarify the differences bewteen Seeeduino ADK Main Bd (sku: ARD52028P) v2.2 ?, and Seeeduno v3.0 (AtMega328) Bd. (sku: ARD128D2P).

Q1: What is the current known-good working version# and sku# of ADK Main Bd? v2.2?
Q2: What is the current known-good working version# and sku# of v.3 Bd?
Q3: Is the Seeeduino v.3.0 (Atmeg328) considered ADK-compatible? what are the limits?
Q4: Do both Bds support Google ADK USB protocols with microbridge-ADB?
If different USB libraries are required, please provide links to both for my evaluation.

My application:
Develop Seeeduino/Grove Sensor S.T.E.M. Android Apps using: Archos Models 28-32-35-43 Internet Tablets (stock Android 2.2 Froyo) via its bulit-in USB2.0 port, interfaced to Seeeduino ADK Main Bd or alternatively, Seeeduino V3.0 (AtMega3280 Bd) with (piggy-back) Grove Sensor System (3-axis accel., 3-axis gyro, etc) using the microbridge-ADB. Ideally, your V3.0 Bd would be a more cost effective approach for my student Labs.

Please reply, your help is much appreciated.
Thank you,
(DM) XiChar-DroidEngr

Dear customer,

Q1,Q2:latest version is the best board.
Q3:ADK is base on ATmega2560 Seeeduino is ATmega328, depend which you want to use.
there are same function with google ADK.
Q4:Yes, microbridge-ADB can use with our ADK, there are same function.
The libraries are also compatible with each other.

Hope can help you.