Clarification on Fusion prices

So, If I purchase the lowest options on the Fusion PCB Service: … ?cPath=185

It says this at checkout:

Qty: 1
Item Name:
Fusion PCB Service
Qty. - 10
Layer - 2
PCB Thickness - 0.8mm
PCB Dimension - 5cm Max*5cm Max
PCB Color - Green
Surface Finish - Hasl
E-Test - 50% E-test

Price: $10.00 $10.00

Does this mean that I will receive 10 PCB’s for $10? i.e. $1 per PCB?
Or is it 10 x $10 ? i.e $10 per PCB

Thanks for the clarification, the double definition of the “Qty” is what is confusing me.


@inbilla Yes you will receive 10 X PCBs, which cost 1 USD on each PCB.