Clarification of what ArduPy does

Hello, I have bought a bunch of Xiao’s and a WioTerminal partly to explore ArduPy. I’m having a hard time actually understanding what ardupy does and how it differs from micropython and circuitpython.

At the moment my understanding is that it allows you to write the code in a python variant and then compile that and flash to the board similarly to how Arduino compiles the c/c++ code to a binary on the board. But I’m fairly sure that understanding is wrong.

The documentation for ardupy mentions something along the lines that you can compile arduino libraries to ardupy using the ardupy-aip. And in another place it shows how to manually change a arduino library to a ardupy library.

Maybe I’m just that simple but I find the documentation very vague on describing what ardupy does, how is it better/worse than arduino/circuitpython/micropython.

Does aip automatically compile a arduino library over to a ardupy library.

I do find the idea interesting that you may be able to write your code in some python variant then convert a arduino library and finally compile to binary for faster code. Then again I don’t know how wrong I am. Therefore I seek some clarification on ardupy abilities and plenty of examples with well commmented code to learn from.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hi @sghice
Here is a compitation of ArduPy and CircuitPython, which will help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages.


Hi @sghice,
As Jiacheng has shared, you could follow the blog to understand the differences between ArduPy and MicroPython. In the meantime, I would like to clarify some of your confusions.

When it comes to using ArduPy on the Wio Terminal, you could simply write your codes in MicroPython form and then directly run them on the Wio Terminal with the help of ArduPy. You could follow this wiki to get started with ArduPy. Also, I recommend you to follow our Wio Terminal Classroom video series on YouTube to learn further about ArduPy on the Wio Terminal.

Also, if you want to use an existing Arduino library with ArduPy on the Wio Terminal, first you need to convert the original Arduino library into an ArduPy library. AIP cannot automatically compile an Arduino library over to an ArduPy library. You could follow this wiki guide or this YouTube video to understand how to convert any Arduino library into an ArduPy library.

As for the examples you have asked, you could follow the YouTube videos I have mentioned above, where I have explained about building a couple of projects and you could follow along as I code in the videos. Also there is a project shared by one of our community members here.

Furthermore, if you are looking into even more projects, I suggest you to visit this blog where it includes various projects done by our community. Even though most of the projects are for the Arduino side of Wio Terminal, you could implement them using ArduPy as well.

Finally, you could also check our video series on getting started with Wio Terminal using Arduino. I have explained some projects there, and you could implement them in your ArduPy learning as well. Also, we will bring more ArduPy examples in the future! So stay tuned with us!

Hope this all helps :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

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Thank you both for replying to me. This clears up my biggest misunderstanding about ardupy-aip. You have given me lots of information to read. I will follow your advice and go through this information and experiment.

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Happy to hear :slight_smile:

Hope you have a great journey with the Wio Terminal!

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