Circuit Python sending data over BLE to App Inventor

I made a pickleball paddle that measures how hard you are gripping and I want to send the value (0 to 9) over BLE to App Inventor. I have App Inventor where I can connect with the paddle and the paddle knows it’s connected, but can’t figure out how to send over the data. Everything I search is either in C (Arduino) or assumes I’m using the Bluefruit Connect app. Nothing against C or Arduino, I just wanted to learn Python. I eventually want to make it where I can adjust the sensitivity of the paddle from my mobile phone so a custom app that I can send data both ways is just a better fit in the end. I’m using a XIAO nRF52840. Any help pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

Hi there,
I have used MIT AI2 in conjunction with the arduino IDE, using the Xiao Nrf52840 Sense MCU and some BLE characteristics , with READ, WRITE and Notify attributes ALL work Well.
You Define the service and allowing String’s , HEX values or My fav Booleens… :grin:

In-My app Connect to an advertising peripheral and receive the IMU data and alarms (motion, free-fall, Drop and Impact). I can SET the sensitivity of the IMU Gyro’s and Accelerometer and read the battery level and Temp. Search the forum for the demo’s and code. It’s NOT python but you can do the same thing.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Paddle sounds cool , I gave my wife a Pickle ball set for xmas talk about LOL… :smile: :+1:

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That’s basically what I have been attempting to do. All the detailed videos are exactly what I need for AI2, just with Arduino IDE. I got spoiled doing Arduino code as just about everything I needed was already done by someone before. I just copied the code and made a few small changes. Now I have to understand the C code AND figure out how to make it work in Python. I made the switch excited to learn Python. This is a classic “Be careful what you wish for”.

I’ll keep chipping away at it. Thanks.

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