choosing the right gps setup

Hi, I have an idea and would need your help to let me know what exactly i need to purchase to get this working:

  • gps unit that will be placed outdoors in/on a small plastic construction. it can be either outside on the construction or inside, but the construction will be outdoors, so it will be there when it rains/snows.
  • on the construction there will be a solar panel to power the gps
  • the gps needs to send its location 24/7 so that a person coming with a mobile phone will be able to receive its signal and find it

thats all. can you please let me know:

  • does the gps have to be outside on the construction in order to send signal or can it “see” through the construction so it can be inside (so it wont have to be waterproof)?
  • how can i supply power from the solar panel to the gps?
  • what product (gps+antenna+…?) do i need to purchase for this to work?
  • i would ideally need something within $40…