chip antenna for RFBee?

So I’ve broken off one of the whip antennas on my RFBee, and there’s a SMD capacitor that touches the through-hole pad for the antenna wire, so I’m a little wary about soldering on a new one…

I see there are chip antenna pads on the RFBee - has it been tested with a chip antenna? If so, can we get a part number for a suitable chip antenna?


You can use a 915MHz or 868MHz chip antenna. We ever tested that. But the effect is not as good as wire antenna. So we didn’t make that.
It’s better solder your wire antenna by carefully using the iron. If you are not experienced with that, you can ask someone else to work together with you.


Good to know, thanks. What length should the whip antenna be? I just took the wire that broke off and stripped about 1mm off the end and soldered it back in. Does the change in length seriously affect the RX signal strength?

Thanks again.