Chemical etching of sheetmetal (brass) by seeedstudio?

Currently Fusion PCB provides an affordable means to manufacture quality PCB in small quantities.

For modellers (model railways and model engineering), as well as for robot builders, we often need to make two-sided chemical etching of brass sheets (with standard thickness of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1mm etc).

The process itself (including the gerber file stage, and the etching stage) is very similar to the PCB manufacturing, except:

  • sheetmetal etching only has two side to etch
  • no vias, holes, electroplating or printing on top of the sheetmetal.

So I guess the sheetmetal etching process is simpler than PCB manufacturing and uses the same etching equipment as PCB manufacturing.

Does seeedstudio plan to offer sheetmetal chemical etching in the future? If so, this would be an immense help to us modellers, and this would also be the best way to extend the spirit of Open Hardware to mechanical design

Arduino Novice