Check my Production Files for Fusion PCB Service?


is it possible that anyone from Seeedstudio checks my example
production files?

It is only an example board with slot hole pad (Pad2) and an
board cutout.

I only want to know if this example files are OK for production.

Tanks for any reply.
example_board.jpg (12.6 KB)

no problem, we can do that

Hi, I also want to order the attached through your fusion service.

My pcb has a AXT526124 (0.4 mm pitch) socket for a e-paper display. I created the footprint myself and verified it.
It is a simple breakout board.

Can somebody verify that the generated files are correct ? The Gerber output was generated using ARES (Proteus)

I would be grateful!

chinedisp-2 breakout - CADCAM.ZIP (5.75 KB)

hi thereļ¼Œ
i have checked your gerber files, everything is ok