Check APP and FW verision?

Hi! i’m new to the Nano v3 scope =)

is there anyway see what latest app and fw version is on this thing?

it says v4.33 on startup…guess it’s the fw? but whatabout the app version :?:

and second…where can i get hold of this stock “4.33 fw” if i want to try the BenF and return to stock later?



ok i figured it out! and found the 4.33fw…

does anyone have the “” file? the one posted earlier isn’t there anymore :cry:

i get screen flicker trying the Benf…


ok i got the BenF_3.64APP_3.53LIB_patched_v3 file…but still flickers and stucks on initializing system… :expressionless:

oh well…back to stock system then… :expressionless:


If you are interested in getting Benf to run then I can look into the code to see what happened with 3.45D.

But first please provide more info.

When you first tried Benf, did you see anything on the screen?

Then you tried patched v3. Did it look or behave any different?

If I remember correctly, original flicker problem did not show anything at all. But it’s been few years ago since I messed with Benfs code.