Charging Arduino from solar battery

Which shield should I choose: Shield Energy Shield, Solar Charger Shield V2 or some other? What’s the difference?

Do they provide information about current level of the charge?

Must be shield manually switch into charging mode after full discharge?

For further details refer to Energy _shield wiki page and Solar charger wiki page.
Based on the features you can choose a shield that suits your application.

I’m a little confused (sorry if these are stupid questions). When it states that shield must be manually shifted at times, does the solar panel count as the power source? Also, does it charge during the day and discharge when no light is available (obviously it discharges at night) letting the unit run 24/7 and if not, is there a way to do that?

Also a little off topic:

Are these pinouts for the headers supposed to be (for ex.) 1->1 instead of 1->8? The schematics seem to be crossing the connections if I’m reading it right (been a while though).


Sorry, I am unable to understand your query.

Could you please let us know more details about your final application that you are trying to implement.This will help me to understand your requirements and make a suggestion.


I’m building a Mail Notifier\Weather Station that I’m going to attach to the underside of my mailbox with a LiPo powering the arduino and sensors. I need power 24/7 for the weather station part so i need the LiPo charging during the day (but some sort of power powering the arduino also) and discharging during the night. I was wanting to achieve this with a solar cell. I need to customize the size because I’m using a Nano for the brains instead of one that is Uno size and the leftover space under the mailbox is limited (Home Owners’ Association would probably complain if it was exposed any other way). So looks like building a shield from y’alls schematics is my only option.

As for the pinouts on the schematics:
Dropbox Link to Image
This shows pin 8 in this example links to pin 1, 7->2,etc. Am I reading it wrong? Do y’all might have a format that can be used for eagle or other PCB software so I might see it better (not good at reading schems yet)?


Seeeduino Stalker V3.0(or) Wireless sensor node-Solar Kit(or) LiPo rider Pro with arduino compatible board may be used to implement your application.

These might not fit your size requirements.