Changing SEEED AWS IoT button wifi

I have just received and configured my Seeed AWS IoT buttons successfully. Easy setup worked first time. Tomorrow I will be mailing them to a client for testing. Once my client receives them, they will need to update the wifi connection details for their location to make the buttons work. Will they need to use the AWS one click app, or can the buttons act as a wifi hotspot where they can connect via a laptop and access a configuration page similar to the Amazon iot buttons? I would prefer this method, as opposed to granting them access to my AWS account via the IAM user.

Greetings from San Diego, CA USA and thanks for the help in advance.

This may require modifying the firmware inside the button.

So nothing in the current setup that would allow me to do this. That’s unfortunate. I suppose I can create an IAM user in AWS for this purpose so our clients can use those credentials with the one touch app