Changing Networks without reprogramming - pfodWifiConfigV1

This post introduces pfodWifiConfigV1 for Linkit ONE.

pfodWifiConfigV1 lets your user connect your LinkIt ONE to their network without you having to program in their network SSID and password.

for the details and a link to the LinkIt ONE tutorial and supporting library. An example, with its QR code image, is included in the library.

The tutorial covers step by step configuration using the Android app or via Telnet
The Android app is available from googleplay and slideme (if you don’t have googleplay installed on your mobile)

Here is an outline of the configuration process.
When your LinkIt ONE is started in config mode (the setup digital input is grounded) then it automatically tries to connect to the coded temporary network. The network SSID is always pfodWifiConfigV1, security is WPA2-PSK and the password is unique to your LinkIt ONE.

You generate the password and the network details (using the java program provided) as a QR code and attach it to your card.

The user scans this QR code and uses the data to configure a temporary Access point on their mobile. They can then connect to your card, via the temporary network, and send the configuration command with their network details. These are saved in EEPROM.

Then when they reboot the LinkIt ONE it will connect to their real network.

Here are some screen shots from the android app

Changed name to pfodWifiConfigV1 and added Android app available from Googleplay or SlideMe if you don’t have GooglePlay support on your Android mobile.