Changes in Content of Photon Starter Kit?

I’ve preordered the Photon Starter Kit in December 2014 with the module selection shown in the attached link.

It seems like Seeedstudio had remove the IR emitter, receiver and remote control from their current Photon Starter after March 2015, and replaced them with a vibration motor.

Since my order was placed and paid BEFORE they made the change, do I get my IR set which I’ve ordered and paid for?


Pls accept our sincere apologies. Your email has been replied.

IR remoter was removed from this kit due to some incompatible issues with Photon.
Vibration motor was added instead.

Any futher question pls send email to Thank you!

Could you explain more about the incompatible issues? I’m interested to control my AC or TV using an IR emitter with the Photon.

By the way, the IR emitter + receiver are priced @ $7.80 (excluding remote control) while the vibration motor is only $2.90. Feels kinda cheated.