Change the I2C address of a Grove RGB LCD

Hello to everyone who will read this,

For a project of mine, I need to have 2 Grove LCD displays on the same I2C bus, however both have the same address so I can’t display text on only one of them.

Is it possible to change the address of one of them ?
If not, I heard about software I2C as well.

If one of these solutions is possible, how could I modify the library for it to work properly ?

Thank you to everyone who will take the time to help me!

This process may be difficult. For open source devices, we can modify the addresses of other IIC, but for devices that are not open source, there may be no way to change the addresses. I learned that there seems to be something called “IIC Cascade Extender” that can solve the problem of IIC address conflicts.

First of all, apologies for the late answer.

Thanks a bunch for this information, from the beginning it seemed quite complicated to manage to do something with 2 exact same displays.

I will try your method, and will update here if it works so that everyone who has the same problem can find help too.
If it doesn’t, I might as well use another type of display, therefore there will be no interferences.

Again, thank you very much and have a good day!

We are also looking forward to your new method~