Change text orientation on Grove - OLED display?

Hi can someone please help me out here,

I using the Grove – OLED Display 1.12” V2.

I want to change the orientation of the text that is printed to display.

I have tried the “SeeedGrayOled.setVerticalMode();” and “SeeedGrayOled.setHorizontalMode();” commands but I do not understand what they do. What do these functions do?

Unfortunately they do not change the text orientation :frowning:

• How do I change the orientation of the text printed to the display? See image below.


oled display1.jpg

Hi Oliver

Today I have finished the u8g2 support for the 128x128 Grove OLED (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … tudio-oled”></LINK_TEXT>). U8g2 support different text orientation (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … tdirection”></LINK_TEXT>).

Only drawback is: You must install the latest u8g2 beta release (2.26.2), which is available for download here:

Once you have downloaded the zip file, you can install u8g2 via the Add zip library menu of the Arduino IDE.